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In diesem Blog halte ich das fest, was mir wichtig ist, aber nicht zu privat. Vorrang hat dabei sicher die Ausbildung meines Pferdes Prinz, sowie meine anderen Tiere, die Hennen, Katzen und Fische.

Dritter Kurstag - Halbzeit

Prinz (Little Prince)Posted by Karin Wed, October 03, 2012 21:58:41

Day five of the Parelli Camp with 5* instructor Berni Zambail in Germany!

Today we had to start our day in the indoor arena, as it started to rain during our theroy session. It took a bit longer to get Prinz used to the new environment, but soon he was calm, relaxed and responsive. His trot and canter at the 22ft rope were nice and forward and the transitions snappy.
We then did a long saddling session with Berni where he explaind where my Cruiser saddle has to sit, what's important with the shims, etc. I then rode some transitions from walk to backwards, and Prinz was wonderfully soft and calm. Also trot and a little bit of canter worked very well.
We took lunch indoors in the small theory room, and afterwarts the horses were on the paddock while we watched the second group playing and riding their horses.

In the evening Berni rode Paquito and was very pleased (even a bit surprised!) what a great job Melanie did with him. He said that the horse can bend easily in all directions and is very soft to ride. What a reward to hear that from a Master Instructor!!

The last lesson of the day was again for the black arabian cross mare Saphira. She seems to find more and more relaxation. She argued less than the two days before, and even did some nice squeezes over the barrels. Today Berni worked her on the 45ft rope and she responded very, very well.

As usual the evening ended in a restaurant with a lot of horse stories and plans for the upcoming days. Looking forward!!