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In diesem Blog halte ich das fest, was mir wichtig ist, aber nicht zu privat. Vorrang hat dabei sicher die Ausbildung meines Pferdes Prinz, sowie meine anderen Tiere, die Hennen, Katzen und Fische.

Zweiter Kurstag

Prinz (Little Prince)Posted by Karin Tue, October 02, 2012 21:59:17

Day four of the Parelli Camp with 5* instructor Berni Zambail in Germany!

Today was the second day of the official clinic, and Prinz once more surprised me with his calmness and emotional collection. He almost seems to enjoy playing in the huge outdoor arena or just watch other horses playing from his stable or one of the paddocks. Once more we had sunny and warm weather, we even could eat lunch outside.

In todays lesson Berni told us to choose two things to work on, one Online and one riding Freestyle or Finesse. I decided that I want better (snappier) upwards transitions when circling online, and that I want to improve my backwards and halt at freestyle without touching the reins.

When circling online I alwas was unsure about how much I can expect from Prinz. When I used a stronger phase four he sometimes took off bucking and snorting. Berni saw immediately that I was too unsure when asking for a transition. For Prinz this was missing leadership and he hesitated as well. Within only a few minutes my transitions were way better then what I ever got before. How interesting!

The lesson with backup at freestyle was very similar. Also there I was not clear enough about what I expected from Prinz, and how much engagement I want from his side. Berni helped me with finding good phases and assisting several times from the ground. It took an hour or even some more, but after I knew what my expectation was, I could be clearer and therefor a better leader for Prinz. Our backup is already a lot better, and I am sure after some repetitions this pattern will be solid as well. Now I am curious about what findings the next days will bring...

After the second group, Berni again played with the LBE mare he already worked with the day before. Where she still was an uncontrollable lightning fast beast in the beginning of the first session yesterday, the start into todays session was almost relaxed (at least for this horse). Berni got the mare really connected, could do some very engaged touch it and figure-8 as well as some sideways around him. What will happen in the next session tomorrow?

The evening started a bit frustrating, as one restaurant was closed and another one did not have a table for us. After some walking and driving around, we finally found the restaurant "vista al Castello", a very nice Pizzeria with even nicer food and service. How great to finish such a fabulous day!