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In diesem Blog halte ich das fest, was mir wichtig ist, aber nicht zu privat. Vorrang hat dabei sicher die Ausbildung meines Pferdes Prinz, sowie meine anderen Tiere, die Hennen, Katzen und Fische.

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Prinz (Little Prince)Posted by Karin Mon, October 01, 2012 22:42:48

Wieder aus ParelliConnect.com:

Day three of the Parelli Camp with 5* instructor Berni Zambail in Germany!

Today was the official start of the clinic. At 8.30a.m. we arrived in the stable and cleand our horses which seem to enjoy the calm environment. I found some minutes to play with Prinz in the big outdoor arena. I was happy to see that he does not show any of the emotions he had to go throuhg yesterday.

At 9.30 we started with a theory session where everybody introduced himself and her horse and explained her current state and goals for the next five days.
Prinz and me were in the morning group, together with Monika and Dama, Anina and Lena, Sibylle and Viola and Martina and Cajado.
Prinz was just fabulous. Berni gave me really valuable tips about how to increase Prinz's confidence and my trust in him. We stayed for about two hours on the ground before mounting, and this payed off. All horses were calm, relaxed and emotionally collected. I could canter on Prinz in both directions, Dama could go closer to the frightening trailers, Viola learned to go sideways at the fence, and Martina improved their cantering online a lot.

Our horses spent the afternoon on the paddocks, watching the second group working with their horses and ponies. We learned a lot by whatching them solving their own small problems and find around some road blocks.

In the evening Berni had a very impressive online session with an Arabien mare called Saphira. After a very impulsive beginning she became more responsive and a lot calmer.

The evening ended with the whole group having dinner in the Pizzeria, which is an adventure for itself (you don't eat what you ordered and you don't pay what you got...). But it was a lot of fun and more horsey stories and discussions - how interesting :)