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In diesem Blog halte ich das fest, was mir wichtig ist, aber nicht zu privat. Vorrang hat dabei sicher die Ausbildung meines Pferdes Prinz, sowie meine anderen Tiere, die Hennen, Katzen und Fische.


Prinz (Little Prince)Posted by Karin Sun, September 30, 2012 21:45:21

Wieder von ParelliConnect.com:

Day two of the Parelli Camp with 5* instructor Berni Zambail in Germany!

Today was our preparation day. Some of us have very young horses, or horses with a lot of "baggage" or very little experience in foreign places. The clinic starts tomorrow, so we had a wonderful day with hours and hours for the horses.
At 10:30a.m. we were in the stable and found our horses happy and calm as if such a clinic was the most normal thing in the world. We decided to show them the big indoor arena where we played with them already the day before. After some proper preparation on the ground we saddled up and walked along the rails. Prinz and I even did some Finesse riding with contact, and Monika could do wonderful canter with Dama. It was great!! I was allowed to play with Prinz and Reykur online when Sibylle left the arena for some minutes. The three uf us did some great circling at walk and trot, including some very smooth changes of direction. Prinz and Reykur worked together as if they'd done this several times before.

At 2p.m. Sibylle and me went for a late lunch to a restaurant close by. An hour later Monika and Melanie joined us - and our lunch break suddenly lasted two and a half hours :)
After that we went back to the horses for a second session. Unfortunately my RBI horse went RBE on the huge outdoor arena, it took us several minutes to finish in a more or less calm state. Now I'm a bit unsure about what the next days will bring... How interesting... However, I am sure Berni and the other students will help Prinz and me through this! Looking forward to some very interesting days. Tomorrow at 9.30 the clinic will start with a first theory session. Yeah!