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In diesem Blog halte ich das fest, was mir wichtig ist, aber nicht zu privat. Vorrang hat dabei sicher die Ausbildung meines Pferdes Prinz, sowie meine anderen Tiere, die Hennen, Katzen und Fische.

Parelli Intensivwoche

Prinz (Little Prince)Posted by Karin Sun, September 30, 2012 09:48:59

Aus ParelliConnect.com (damit ich nicht alles doppelt schreiben muss..):

Day one of the Parelli Camp with 5* instructor Berni Zambail in Germany!
Yesterday was the travelling day, including some funny stories at customs...

My day started at 7a.m. in the stable, wehre I hooked the trailer to the pickup, both already fully loaded the day before. Prinz went into the trailer as if it was his favourite thing to do, not the slightest hesitation. At 8a.m. we met Monika and Dama in Wädenswil, loaded their equipment and also Dama. Also the Lusitano lady went into the trailer without fear, Monika prepared her very well over the last days and weeks.

The drive itself was calm and relaxed. We watched the horses over the cam in the trailer. We stopped twice because Prinz found out how to grab all the hay for himself, and Dama did not get one bit of it... Of course the good old savvy string sovled this problem :)

Customs was a story for itselve, involving us pretending to be a bus (instead of waiting with the trucks), Swiss customs who forgot to take money as security and German customs who told us that our paperwork form Swiss customs was not valid... After almost an hour (horses still calmly eating in the trailer) we were through!

Before 12a.m. we arrived in Staufen and after several unnecessary turns around the barn area we finally found the tiny path to the Balance Point barn where the horses will spend this week. Horses were brought into their nice stables and given some more hay.

After lunch in the Kornhaus in Staufen and finding our rented flat (Monika, Melanie and me share one) we went back to the barn and introduced the horses to the big indoor and outdoor arenas and the surrouning barn area. All of the horses were incredibly calm and relaxed!
Then to the pizzeria for dinner and finally we fell into our beds happily!

As the clinic will officially start tomorrow, we will have one more day to introduce the horses to the new environment and hopefully try a first ride in this wonderful area!